Rove Pest Control Bargaining Report #25

May 10th 2024

This week we met with the company twice. Both sessions ended early giving our bargaining team extra time to work on counter proposals trying to close the gap on key issues like safety and holidays.

We thought we had verbally reached an agreement on Holidays once the floating holiday was removed, but that seemed to be lost at sea when when our counter proposal was put in writing.

The company claims they have been trying to hire in the Union call center in MN, but only having success in the non-organized WI call center. 7250 President Knutson invited Rove to attend a Union Job Fair with the Steward from Rove, but the COO advised he was not interested. Not interested in working collectively with the Union? Or not interested in Hiring in the Unionized call center? Maybe both.

We continue to be awesome, and appreciate the support from 7250, our greater Union Family, and the community.

Respectfully submitted,
CWA 7250 Bargaining team at Rove
Co-Chairs: Bruce Nielsen & Shari Wojtowicz
Members: Greg Bute, Hector Capote
Alternate: Zach Sager